MTV Rebrand

In 2008, MTV Australia needed a new on air identity. The brief was to create a look, relevant to an Australian audience, clear in communication and accommodating all programming and promotional needs.

The Idents, the main element used in different variations such as menus and break bumpers were based on the MTV logo entering an empty and silent scene filling it with music consisting of environmental sounds.

After it’s initial launch in Australia, the Rebrand won the acclaim of industry experts, notably winning a staggering 8 Awards at the 2009 Promax World Awards. It was used globally in various territories and remains one of the most recognisable MTV branding pieces .


Creative Director: Cristian Jofre | Art Director / Creative : Hilary Bunt | Producer / Creative: Sven Muller | 3D Animation: Ash Bolland / Umeric | Director: Ash Bolland / Umeric